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We are a dream team of passionate web3 builders from around the globe. Headquartered in Israel, BitOK strives to create the most useful portfolio tracker empowered by AML and Tax features for traders, corporates and banking compliance needs globally.

BitOk is a tool for crypto tracking, accounting and control. With just a couple of clicks, any crypto user can get information about his/her portfolio PnL, manage AML risks, accounting documents and taxes.

Finally, we are the only all-in-one solution on the entire market.

(investors/traders/miners/holders) to:
BitOK enables B2C users
monitor all wallet activity including DeFi
add private notes, files and tags to any transaction
calculate taxes
generate tax forms and other documents for banks/exchanges
assess and mitigate AML risks

including banks, exchanges and platforms

B2B clients

Get the Compliance as a Service solution and save weeks on AML and origin of their users' funds checks. In addition, regular companies get a reliable tool for checking third-party addresses and accounting for salaries paid in crypto.

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