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AML TRansaction
Easy-to-use solution for crypto businesses to improve Anti-Money Laundering efforts.

Save time, focus on revenue

Make your business AML compliant to avoid costly fines and reputational damage
BitOK will screen your funds and counterparties, alerting on any suspicious activities
Synchronize all your crypto transfers and payments with BitOK

Meet AML / FATF regulatory standards with BitOK KYT office

BitOK KYT Office

Real-time transaction monitoring
Customizable model of risk analysis
Multi-user access and configurable permissions
Seamless API integration

Unleash the power
of automated KYT

Screen any number of transactions and receive real-time risk alerts to stay informed about your exposure.

Seamless API Integration

Our software smoothly integrates into your crypto payment flow and offers a comprehensive AML solution for any challenge.

In partnership with

Know Your Transactions.
Get a complete view of your risks

Monitor transactions for AML and sanctions compliance. Detect suspicious activity and protect your business against financial crime.

From $0.05 per check

Need help with AML compliance? We offer experienced AML officers to meet your local regulations.

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