AML risk monitoring

Automate AML & KYT compliance and make your business money-laundering free

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BitOK will screen transactions for AML and sanctions risks and flag illicit operations in real-time

$24bn of cryptocurrency was considered illicit in 2022
AML settlements for failing regulatory rules reach $100M
Businesses spend more than 10% of their revenue on compliance
Who needs to comply with FATF and other AML regulations?
Digital wallets
Payment gateways
Lending platforms
DeFi & DApps
NFT marketplaces
Staking & Yield
Save MONTHS of analysis and labor costs and become 100% AML compliant.
Scalable and reliable AML/KYT solution to eliminate compliance risks and shield your business from illicit crypto.
BitOK provides the most efficient algorithms for accurate transaction screening

No more spreadsheets. No more risks of getting your assets frozen.

Seamless API integration
Enable compliance-friendly transactions even with no technical knowledge
Our tech team will handle set up and maintenance and you will empower your compliance in no time
Get real-time data and alerts on illicit activities and fraud with risk-based AML analytics
Integrate our robust and efficient risk-monitoring compliance through scalable easy-to-use APIs
BitOK provides a high-grade flexible API allowing you to automate transaction screening

Powerful API solution for trouble-free and straightforward integration. Go live in 3 days.

We support 12 000+ crypto assets
Only essential information, intelligible even for non-tech or legally savvy users
In-depth risk scoring reports
Up-to-date risk scoring summary obtained by our own algorithms of compliance data processing
The most advanced risk-scoring algorithms for your business.

We analyze and filter user-based compliance data, flag and visualize suspicious transactions, so you can detect & manage AML, FATF, and fraud risks.

Make your business fully AML compliant without breaking the bank

Usage-based pricing depending on your scale
Fast and hassle-free integration
Suitable for any complex cases to eliminate AML, fraud & international sanctions risks
Flexible, custom plans
/ per check
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Reliable data analytics methodology for bullet-proof AML compliance
Verified expertise
More powerful capabilities for maximum productivity. Everything in one solution
Import & track data from 300+ exchanges, wallets and NFT platforms
Portfolio tracker
Obtain clear-cut compliance data of who you’re transacting with
Form and export tax reports for any country
In-depth risk scoring reports
Tax reports export
worth of transactions checked
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