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How to keep all your crypto under control?

How to keep all your crypto under control?

Crypto portfolio trackers

Today we’ll talk about crypto portfolio trackers. What are these? What are they for? And how to use them?

Crypto portfolio trackers are used to help you control all your cryptoassets and have everything at your fingertips. That’s a great tool for keeping track of your assets, monitoring transactions, checking the legitimacy of your cryptocurrencies and much more which will be covered below.

Keeping track of your assets and transactions.

Any crypto portfolio tracker should gather information about your cryptocurrencies and transactions from all exchanges and wallets and keep this data in one place. The screenshot above demonstrates a dashboard with such information.

In addition to information about exchange rates and digits of your cryptocurrencies, dashboards may include various charts, for example, with changes in asset values, p2p trading volumes, distribution of cryptocurrencies by portfolio, etc.

Besides, crypto portfolio trackers may contain additional, handy features, for example, evaluation of the blocking risk or calculation of the tax from trades. All of these are available with our BitOK service.

Any decent portfolio tracker should contain information about your transactions, regardless of whether that's p2p trading or classic spot. Additionally, the tracker should have user-friendly filtering so that you easily find the transaction you need out of the entire bulk, which may contain tens of thousands of different transfers.

Documents extraction

Ability to collect and unload documents essential for working with crypto would be the icing on the cake. That's not the first time we mention AML/KYC and bans. These days, such a feature can be a defining factor when choosing between crypto portfolio trackers.
Bottom line
A good trader or investor must keep his/her cryptoassets under control and be sure that they are OK. For that reason, crypto portfolio trackers began to appear. This is an essential tool for dealing with crypto, especially in case of its legalization. By the example of BitOK service, we have tried to shown how, in our opinion, a good crypto portfolio tracker should look like and what functions can determine it.

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