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BitOK Interface Update
We totally changed the whole design of the personal cabinet.

Now it is even more convenient, intuitive and understandable for each user of our service!
List of changes:
  • New Dashboard Design
    We have enhanced your cryptocurrency experience by revamping our dashboard design. Retained sections include: AML Risk, Asset Distribution, Asset Value, Recent Transactions.
  • Accounts
    Users are now able to access exchanges and wallets through a dropdown menu on the left side of the page. They can also quickly switch between connected accounts and view the relevant data for each one.
  • AML Risks
    Besides the left-hand menu that allows users to quickly connect and view their account we have also added a quick switch to manual checks.
  • Trading Insights
    A new section with advanced statistics for crypto trading and investing has been added.

Mobile version

  • A new mobile-friendly version of the service is now available, featuring an easy-to-navigate menu located on the bottom of the screen.

Other Changes:

  • The service header now comes with a sync feature, letting you sync your data across any block.
  • There, you can also find information about your current plan and the number of AML checks remaining.
  • The header also enables users to quickly switch between currencies.
  • To help keep track, the number of remaining AML checks is also indicated in the header.
  • The language selection option is readily accessible in the lower left corner of the service.
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